County considers allowing property owners to charge past-due taxes onto credit cards

Otsego County, NY: Delinquent property taxes from across the county have stirred government officials to consider new means for residents to get up-to-date with payments. The solution: credit cards?

After a series of lawsuits resulting from the 2014 county tax auction, some officials thought using New York’s General Municipal Law – that allows for the government to accept credit cards for fees, fines, and taxes – as a jumping-board for letting residents pay their property taxes in time before their homes are foreclosed upon.

Should the proposition be approved, property owners will likely have to pay an increased fee for processing the credit card payments, due to use of third-party companies; likely around 2.5 percent, according to statements made by Treasurer Dan Crowell.

The likely cost to the county to allow for the credit card payments would involve purchasing a credit card reader.

Further methods for assisting property owners with delinquent payments are being considered, but credit card use appears to be a viable option for the short-term to mitigate legal challenges and complaints that have sprung from past-due problems of residents.




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