Gainesville, GA, amends property maintenance code, bans tarping homes, requires permits for boarding

Gainesville, GA: The City has amended its property maintenance ordinance to address all occupied and vacant property regarding boarding, tarping, and outdoor furniture.

Before boarding can occur on a property, a permit must be applied for with the City; currently boarded properties must now apply for a permit in order to keep current boarding in place. Permits are good for 6 months of boarding for a property, with a one-time renewal option of 6 additional months.

All properties with boarding must also post a notice to the home with current contact information for the entities responsible for the property’s maintenance; emergency boarding can occur in cases of vandalism, disasters, and fire, but a permit is required for time beyond 30 days if boarding is not removed.

Tarping on the exterior of homes will no longer be allowed, per Ordinance Section 9-20-15-7: “Except for those covers specifically designed for the purpose of covering conventional outdoor equipment, such as a gas grill, patio furniture, lawnmower, etc., it shall be unlawful for any person to erect or utilize any plastic or nylon tarp or other impervious covering, on any porch of a dwelling, building, or structure, or in any exterior area of a property.”

The City also altered the rules for furniture located on the exterior of homes, requiring the only type of furniture allowed is that specifically designed for the outdoors.


Code violation of sections of ordinances are subject to penalties as laid out in City Code.




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