Pine River, MN, pushes rental property registration ordinance due date back to Aug. 1

Pine River, MN: The rental property registration ordinance has been updated, moving the due date back to Aug. 1, 2019, from its previous due date of June 1.


Due to a delayed start for instigation of the ordinance, the City pushed the registration due date back, but will still require the following measures:

$40 annual registration fee per rental dwelling unit;
$40 change of ownership fee per rental dwelling unit;
$40 application fee per rental dwelling unit;
$125 re-inspection fee per license;
$15 reinstatement fee per license;
and the unlicensed dwelling fee per rental dwelling unit:
1 – 30 days after due date: $25
31 – 60 days after due date: $75
61 – 120 days after due date: $150
121+ days after due date: $450 plus filing of misdemeanor charges


All rental units will still be bound by the Rental Housing Maintenance Ordinance, and additional fines or penalties could be accrued for rental units found to be in violation of any sections of the ordinance.



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