St. Louis instigates ‘Mow to Own’ program to reduce blight from vacant lots

St. Louis, MO: Under a new program, property owners living next to vacant property will have the option to take ownership of the land if they maintain the property according to city code.

The city takes control of any vacant lot in which the owner has not paid the property taxes for five years.

Any person residing next to one of the vacant lots the city has taken control may apply to begin taking care of the property via the Mow to Own program and paying a $125 fee to transfer the title.

For the following 24 months, a lien will be in place on the property. If the applicant for the vacant lot has successfully maintained the vacant lot during that period, the lien will be lifted and full ownership and responsibility for the land will be granted.

The new program stands to reduce costs to the city for vacant property maintenance, alleviate thousands of blight instances across the city, and allow residents ready access to property expansion without great costs to their wallet.




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