Vacant property registration ordinance adopted, in effect, for Hampton, NE

Hampton, NE:  The Village has adopted a vacant property registration ordinance, to help fight property decline and crime in neighborhoods.


A vacant property can be defined as, but is not limited to: no occupancy, no utilities, overgrown yard / debris buildup, building deterioration, graffiti, or illegal activity.


Owners of vacant property must register with the Village if the property is vacant for at least 180 days. Owners have 15 days from the point of 180-day vacancy, or 15 days from point of notification by the Village of a vacant property already vacant for more than 180 days.


A fee is due at time of registration, and for reregistration every 6 months of vacancy: initial registration $250 for residential properties and initial registration $1,000 for commercial properties.


Each reregistration will be double the previous fee amount, to a maximum of $2,500 per fee for residential and $10,000 per fee for commercial properties; fee amounts do not reset if the property changes owners.


Registration must include current contact information for those responsible for the property, current property information, and plans for reoccupation.


Failure to adhere to the ordinance can result in fines of $100 per day of violation, and unpaid fees or fines may become a lien against the property.




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