Philadelphia attempting to increase annual VPR fee from $150 to $300


Philadelphia, PA: The cost to register a vacant property in Philadelphia might soon double.


The City Council is proposing a hike from $150 to $300 for their annual vacant property registration fee. The reasoning for the increase stems from an updated evaluation of how the current program finances the measures involved.


The findings were that the $150 simply was not providing for a stable, let alone self-sufficient, influx of funds to accommodate the array of costs associated with carrying out the measures for safety and beautification desired via the legislation.


Estimates have only 10 percent of vacant properties currently registered, and part of that low percentage is being blamed on the aforementioned inability for the $150 fee to cover needed expenses.


However, despite approving the price bump, the court must first be lobbied to overturn the cap set at $150, before the $300 fee can be instigated.


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