Amendments to the vacant property ordinance in Seattle, WA, now in effect for monthly inspections

Seattle, WA: The amendments to the City’s vacant property ordinance are in effect, as of June 1, 2019.


The amendments to the Housing and Building Maintenance Code modify the rules regarding upkeep and monitoring, as well as the fees for monitoring inspections, based on property condition:


Building is closed to entry and premise are in compliance with applicable codes: monthly fee $261.40
Building is closed to entry and premise are not in compliance with applicable codes: monthly fee $435
Building is not closed to entry regardless of compliance with applicable codes: monthly fee $521.75


If a property deemed vacant is found to be in violation of the minimum standards for vacant buildings, a notice of violation may be issued, and inspections may occur monthly thereafter while the building is vacant, in order to determine if it is in compliance with applicable Code.


To possibly avoid monthly inspections, the owners of the property would need to remedy the violation within the timeframe presented for the given violation notice; if an additional notice of violation occurs within 365 days of the first notice of violation, monthly inspections may also be triggered.


Monthly inspections may cease based on the earliest of the following: all violations are resolved to Code, and the building is no longer vacant; all violations are resolved and there have been no further violations for at least 3 consecutive months of inspections; or if the property in question has been demolished to Code.




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