Missouri Valley, IA, extends deadline for rental property registration ordinance

Missouri Valley, IA: City Council has extended its rental property registration ordinance deadline to August 2020.


Chapter 156, Property Maintenance Code, for the City requires every rental property owner to have a permit on file, with permits granted valid for 3 years.


Registration and fees for all property owners was due within 90 days of the Ordinance approval, which was adopted Jan 21, 2020; with property inspections required to be scheduled to ensure adherence to Code.


The extension applies to all registrations due on or before Aug 31, 2020; with any new or converted properties required to have a valid permit prior to occupancy.


The fees for registration are:
Single Family Rental Units (House)-$100.00
Multi Family Rental Unit (Apartment)-$60.00
Late Fees-$25.00/month


Failure to register within deadlines and to maintain properties to Code can result in penalties.




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