Program to curtail property deterioration moving forward in St. Clair, MO


St. Clair, MO: After an initial proposal for a vacant property registration ordinance in April, evaluations have wrapped with the unanimous support of the board of alderman to establishing a registry for code compliance regarding foreclosed, abandoned, and condemned properties.


The new ordinance requires current contact information for the property owner and a $150 annual fee that includes inspection of the property, address verification, and plan of action review. Failure to comply with ordinance requirements can result in fines of up to $500 per day.


Submission of the property owner’s plan for action to bring the property up to code for habitation, or no longer cause security risks nor contribute to blight challenges for the community, is to be included with the registration.


If a property’s owner is not a resident of the city, a representative that resides within 60 miles of St. Clair must be appointed for a given property.


After plans of action have been reviewed, and further permissions granted for any necessary city permits, repair of properties must occur within a six-month period. Demolition, sale, or transfer are also to be submitted when registration is underway.


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