$127 million allocated by U.S. HUD to combat lead-based safety hazards in low-income homes

Nation: To reduce instances of health issues arising from lead-based paint and other home and safety hazards, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has awarded $127 million in grants to governments to fight those hazards.


Funds will be granted to cities, counties, and states for use in privately-owned housing for rental or owner-occupants.


The new funds will be targeted at low-income residences, with the purpose of rejuvenating those homes to promote healthy living standards and improve the quality of life for the persons inhabiting those properties.


Communities and private owners of properties in cities where the new funds have been granted are encouraged to work with HUD’s Office of Lead hazard Control and Healthy Homes to further educate on risks and to reduce the number of homes where such risks might be present or could occur.


Some cities and counties in the program will be conducting direct assessments of low-income properties where such safety concerns are known or suspected, to then begin work to remove safety hazards discovered.


A more detailed breakdown of the plans for individual cities and counties, as well as funds allocated, can be found here.




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