Lack of accountability for abandoned property has Omaha residents looking to a registration ordinance


Omaha, NE: Residents fed up with blight turn to vacant property registration ordinance to mitigate cost to home owners and the city.


The program would cover city costs for maintaining dilapidated properties, identifying such properties, and other costs to the city involving those vacant or abandoned properties.


Of primary concern and desire for accountability, are the illegal activities occurring on run-down properties, health hazards, and animal infestations.

Once a property has been brought to the attention of the city and confirmed as a vacant property, notification will be sent out to the owner to register the property and pay a $500 fee.


Details for the registration program itself are mostly laid out, and distinctions as to properties undergoing renovation or that are maintained but have been on the market for extended periods will be discussed in more detail and voted on during October.


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