Residential rental property registration and inspection ordinance repealed in La Crosse, WI

La Crosse, WI: The Judiciary and Administration Committee has voted to repeal the City residential rental property registration and inspection ordinance.

A recent Wisconsin law, Act 317, removed and restricted various options for inspection programs and the option for cities to charge property owners for mandatory inspections.

Due to the need for revisions to the City’s ordinance for residential rental properties, in order to stay in line with new State laws, the Council instead voted to repeal Sections 103-399 to 103-403 of their City ordinance, altogether.

With the repeal, rental property owners would no longer be required to register their residential rental units with the City annually, and the City can no longer require inspections of those units.

The City will continue to field requests from tenants for inspections, to respond when health/safety risks are made known, and can still take action for negligence by residential rental property owners notified of active code violations.

The City can still create a future registration program, in line with the new State laws, but has not announced any dates for such a discussion.



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