Town of Rising Sun creates property registration program after years of effort

Rising Sun, MD: As 2015 was coming to a close, vacant property registration and related codes have been established after years of failed discussions.


Ordinance 2015-06 Property Maintenance and Minimum Housing Code requires property owners to maintain property to presentable standards, keep hazards from developing on the exterior and or in the interior of homes, and for vacant or abandoned properties to be registered with the city.


Structures, or portions thereof, not currently occupied or functioning under its intended use for more than a 6-month period, or that has been placarded by the City as uninhabitable or unsafe for more than 10 days, is regarded as a vacant structure.


There is a $100 annual registration fee for residential structures, as well as applying for a vacant structure permit, and providing current pertinent contact and descriptive information regarding all such structures. Commercial property deemed vacant have a similar, but separate, system for registration and information provided.


Owners in violation of the provisions of the code are committing a municipal infraction and subject to a fine of up to $1,000; with each day a structure is not in compliance counting as a separate and distinct violation.




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