Group in Ohio launches campaign to assist owners of abandoned, vacant property from prosecution

Ohio: A group called The Abandoned Homes Project has launched a campaign to assist owners of abandoned and vacant property in Ohio from fines and possible jail time.

The campaign is currently contacting Ohio home owners that are either already involved in prosecution, or have homes the Group has determined are likely to soon be under prosecution for code violations in cities where their abandoned property is located.

An open signup for information and assistance for home owners is also currently available, as well as a link for non-profit organizations and local governments.

The Group researched public information to find current and possible cases, in order to assist home owners with understanding and possibly fighting prosecution, as well as lobbying the State with the goal of causing amendment to the current housing laws to better reflect economic situations.

The Group’s website also helps to inform all people of the general risk to having an abandoned home left in decline or without ready attention and maintenance, due to the predominance for illegal activities, vagrancy, and health/safety risks to develop in those properties; as well as how cities can respond to such properties they see in neglect.




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