Beginning Sept. 5 Wyoming, MI, to allow online permit applications all day every day for property repairs

Wyoming, MI: All residents and contractors will be able to apply online for permits for work on properties, as of Sept.  5.


The City of Wyoming Community Services Inspections Department, via the website, will allow for permit applications online, every day.


According to the City of Wyoming press release, “[I]ndividuals seeking plumbing, mechanical or electrical permits will be able to apply directly online at any time of day using their computers or mobile devices. Common activities that require permits of these types include replacements of water heaters, furnaces, mast repairs, electrical service upgrades, additional plumbing fixtures and underground sprinkling. Permits that require detailed plans to be submitted as well as building permits are not eligible for this service and must still be applied for in person.”


A step-by-step guide and video tutorial will be made available on the City website for users to address any questions they might have for online permit application.




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