Vacant property registration ordinance crafted for South Brunswick, NJ

South Brunswick, NJ: The Township has crafted a vacant property registration ordinance to help mitigate blight concerns.


Any vacant or abandoned property will be subject to registration requirements, with annual re-registration for the duration of the vacancy.


A vacant or abandoned property is defined as not having been regularly and continuously occupied for more than 90 days, as well as falling under at least 2 of the Ordinance’s list of 20 conditions.


Some of the conditions include the topics of: accumulation of trash and debris; property not secured against entry; hazardous conditions present; unresolved code violations; and disconnected utilities.


A fee of $1000 is due for initial registration, and unless the conditions that caused the vacancy are resolved within 6 months of initial registration, an annual registration is due for $2000; with each additional year of vacancy after that first year carrying an annual $3000 fee.


Vacant properties must also be maintained to Code, or face additional fees and/or fines.




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