Hamilton, OH, approves vacant property registration ordinance

Hamilton, OH: City Council approved a vacant property registration ordinance to help prevent threats to public safety.


Owners of a vacant residential, commercial, or industrial property must register the given property with the Fire Department, pay a registration fee, submit a plan for what is going to be done with the property, designate a representative for contact for the property if the owner does not live within Butler County, and maintain the property to City Code.


The registration fee starts at $200 and doubles each year to a maximum fee of $3200 at 5 years of vacancy and each year thereafter. The fee is maintained regardless of change of ownership, and any annual reregistration for a property is due on or before December 31.


An inspection by a City representative will also be scheduled at the time of registration, to determine the structural integrity of the property, if the property is safe to enter by law enforcement or fire officials, and to see if the property is in line with the property maintenance standards.


Failure to comply with any provisions of the ordinance can result in a minor misdemeanor offense with a fine of up to $100 per offense, with each separate day and offense constituting a separate violation.




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