Nome sets vacant property registration program in motion

Nome, AK: The Nome Common Council is moving forward with a vacant property registration ordinance in order to negate negative impact of properties on neighborhoods and encourage active use or sale of properties.


Owners of vacant properties will be charged a $25 registration fee per property and are asked to list current contact information as well as an emergency number for someone in the area that can be readily contacted should any issues arise at the properties.


Registration must occur within 90 days of the first day of vacancy, with structures vacant as of July 1 required to be registered by Oct. 1.


All vacant properties must be cleaned up and rejuvenated to a standard that they no longer pose safety and health concerns, as well as are no longer a blemish on the community’s appearance.


Penalties are triggered every 30 days a property is not found to be in compliance, with a $100 fine for failure to register, a $50 fine for failure to supply current contact information, a $50 fee for failure to secure, and a $50 fee should monitoring of the property by the city need result due to complaints, site visits, inquiries, and such other actions involving maintenance of the property to code.


Properties used primarily for seasonal tourist occupancy are exempt from the registration, as well as properties left vacant for more than 30 days only due to the owner traveling but still actively being a resident of the community.




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