City of Arcadia, CA, votes unanimously to allow 24-hour notice to enter vacant properties, address problems

Arcadia, CA: Vacant properties can be entered after 24-notification after City Council approves amendments to city ordinances.

Before any 24-hour-entry orders are issues, the city will have first attempted all options for contacting the property owner, in order to be the least intrusive as possible.

Once a property has been entered, the city may also begin to handle code violations and other life or safety issues, potentially at expense of the property owner.

The decision comes after resident concerns about wild animals and vacant properties, as well as the general lack of ready information and therefore ability to address possible risks or visual blight occurring in neighborhoods due to vacant properties, or properties where work/construction had been underway but had been left incomplete for notably extended periods of time.

The Council is still discussing the registration period and how to best provide notice of city plans to address potentially vacant properties as concerns arise, as well as the penalties for non-compliance with registration. Also, the Council decided no fees would be involved with registration, at this time.




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