Columbus, NE, increases blight ordinance code range, requires general contractors to register with city

Columbus, NE: To further curb blight, City Council has extended the nuisance ordinance and required registration of general contractors for work within city limits.


Previously, the nuisance ordinance only applied to residential properties within the City’s corporate limits. Now, the ordinance has been extended to cover all properties within the city limits and within the two miles adjacent to the exterior of city limits.


For contractors, previously, no registration was required of general contractors to perform work within city limits, but sub-contractors (such as plumbers and electricians) were required to register and provide proof of bond or insurance.


Now, all entities building, repairing, or demolishing any residential or commercial property covered by city code, are required, before beginning or continuing any work, to provide proof of $1 million liability insurance and to register with the city; with registration valid for one calendar year from date of registration.


An entity does not require such registration and provision of insurance, provided they supply, in writing, that they will not construct more than one such residence in a two-year period, and that they will reside in said property upon completion.


The goals of the two changes to ordinances by the City Council are to assist the image of the city as people are entering or exiting its limits, and to increase the options for the city to take should problems arise with a property and its state of repair.




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