Akron ups yearly rental registration costs, will use funds to go after negligent landlords

Akron, OH: City Council voted in favor of increasing the rental registration cost for owners of properties in the city.

The increase to cost was brought up due to an increase in the number of renters in the city, when compared to home owners; approximately 50 percent of the city population rent.

The goal of the cost increase was given as helping ensure residents are residing in quality places to live, by using the funds generated from the fee increase to find and go after landlords neglecting buildings and leaving tenants in poor living conditions.

The old rental registration cost was as follows for property owners: 1 rental unit $15; 2 to 5 units, total $25; 6 to 25 units, total $75; 26 to 100 units, total $150; and 101 or more, total $250.

The new registration costs set the cost at $15 per rental unit, with a cap of $1,500. Non-submission of all rental registrations by Jan. 31 each year will be fined a late fee of $15.




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