Vacant property registration ordinance in Hamilton Township, NJ, amended to require bi-annual renewal

Hamilton Township, NJ: The vacant property registration ordinance from 2016 has been amended to require bi-annual registration and fees.


Previously, registration was annually with an accompanying $500.00 fee for each property.


Under the revisions to the ordinance from the Township Committee, “The Mortgagee of Registrable Property shall re-register Registrable Property no later than ten (10) days after the end of the preceding six (6) month interval and shall do so until the property is no longer Registrable Property … A non-refundable semi-annual registration fee of $500.00 shall accompany each registration pursuant to this section. All registration fees must be paid directly by the Mortgagee or Owner. Third Party Registration fees are not allowed without the consent of the Township and/or its authorized designee,” according to the amended text.


The previous requirements to maintain the property in accordance with all maintenance codes and security measures, remain in place, and are subject to a Notice of Violation for non-compliance with all original and revised sections of the code.




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