Changes to vacant building maintenance code in wake of vacant property registration (vpr) program expansion


Cincinnati, OH: The days of being required to tag vacant properties are over in Cincinnati. As of April 14, responsible parties of vacant properties may no longer put up "vacancy" notices on buildings. If notices are left up at the properties the city will issue code violations in the amount of $50 for each occurrence. If not corrected within 7 days the code violation will double.

The city of Cincinnati Community Development team also provided the following maintenance requirements, including the ban on notices:

  • Properties must be maintained free of outwards appearances of foreclosure and vacancy during the registration period.
  • No signs or placards on the exterior of the building on in the windows indicating that the property is vacant or foreclosed;
  • Grass shall be no higher than 10 inches at any time and the property maintained free of all noxious weeds, and litter.
  • The premises shall remain secure and locked. Broken windows and doors which are visible from the right-of-way may be covered with plywood or similar boarding material on an emergency basis, but for no more than ten business days, while arrangements are being made to replace broken glass or broken parts of existing windows and doors. Otherwise windows and doors visible from the public right-of-way must be maintained in good repair and not boarded.
  • Handbills, circulars, and advertisement shall be removed from the porches and yards in a timely manner (within 2 business days of being notified)
  • Standing water on the premises, including but not limited to standing water in swimming pools, shall be eliminated.
  • All other applicable property maintenance provisions in the Cincinnati Municipal Code remain in effect.

The following zip codes will be affected by the enforcement: 45201; 45202; 45203; 45204; 45205; 45206; 45207; 45208; 45209; 45211; 45212; 45213; 45214; 45215; 45216; 45217; 45218; 45219; 45220; 45222; 45223; 45224; 45225; 45226; 45227; 45229; 45230; 45231; 45232; 45233; 45234; 45235; 45236; 45237; 45238; 45239; 45240; 45241; 45242; 45243; 45244; 45245; 45246; 45247; 45248; 45249


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