Proposed changes to HUD guidelines would force shortened time allotted to address code violations

Nation: Sen. Marco Rubio, R-FL, introduced two amendments to change regulations for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), based on living conditions found in some federally subsidized housing complexes in Florida.

The amendments passed the initial vote Tuesday to be added to a bill soon to be up for vote in the Senate.

The first amendment addresses the lack of stringent regulation for mold and pest infestation in HUD’s current rules.

The second amendment seeks to force property owners to address code violations in a shorter time period, moving the previously allotted 30 days down to only 15 days to become compliant.

Additionally, Rubio submitted an amendment to increase the power of state and local governments to intervene regarding HUD renewals for property owners that have previously violated HUD contract’s safety guidelines; that amendment has not yet been approved to be added to the larger bill.

These proposed changes come during the time of another round of lawsuits against property owners found to be violating HUD guidelines by endangering tenants or engaging in discriminatory housing practices.




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