Short-term rental property registration requirements in effect for South Portland, ME

South Portland, ME: The City’s amendment of rental property registration laws, to address short-term rentals (Article XVII – Short-Term Residential Rentals), is now in effect.

All property owners seeking to allow short-term use of their primary residence or a home to which they do not primarily reside, must first register their property with the City, fill out and then maintain the proper paperwork associated, supply evidence of the necessary insurance, and pay all fees, before any short term habitation of the property can occur.

Owners must allow, within 48 hours of the request being made by the City, access to the given property for inspection by City officials, in order for the City to address concerns and/or to establish the given property remains in compliance with all associated ordinances.

In addition, upon request, the owners must provide the City all transactions, dates of stay, and total numbers of short term residents, for any given property for any given dates, past and present, of stay; keeping in mind the caveat that no short-term property may have more than two guests per short-term rental guest bedroom and a maximum of six guests total.

Failure of any property owner to register their occupied or vacant property intended for short-term use, or to fail to uphold any portion of the ordinance requirements and limitations for short-term use, may be found in violation of City Code, and fines levied or other penalties (such as suspension of the short-term rental licensing) imparted based on each of the given violations, with each day constituting a separate offense.




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