Ayden, NC, amends commercial vacant property registration ordinance to assist property owners

Ayden, NC: The Board of Commissioners has amended the commercial vacant property registration ordinance, altering the registration and fee requirements.

The 2018 ordinance had required owners of commercial properties exhibiting “evidence of vacancy” to register the property either within 30 days of receiving a notice from the Town to register, or of their own accord following a property becoming vacant, and pay a $1,000 annual fee.

The amendments will change requirements so that if a property goes vacant, the owners will now have 12 months before being required to register. Owners of existing vacant property will have approximately 90 days grace period to register their property.

Additionally, the fee for the first year of registration for a vacant property would only be $500 and then each subsequent year would be $1,000.

Property owners in the process of rehabilitating a vacant property, preparing it for habitation, may be exempt from the registry requirements if the repairs and preparation, as well as general maintenance, are continuing at an acceptable pace and to the standards of City Code.

The date the amendments go into full effect has not been announced, and the full details of the approved amendments will likely be available for general review at that time as well.




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