Dayton, KY, amends vacant property registration ordinance to extend annual fee deferment

Dayton, KY: The vacant property registration ordinance has been amended to allow more time for payments for fees.

Section 157.04 of City Code was amended to allow a 180-day period of deferment for vacant property owners rehabbing or selling the property, increased from the previous 90-day period; which would bring the total time a vacant property owner could defer payment up to 1 year, though still requiring the prompt registration of the vacant property.

Any property owner still must within 60 days of a property becoming vacant, file a vacant property registration form with the City Clerk’s office. The annual fee for registration remains $500 until the foreclosure action is dismissed, the property is sold at a judicial sale, the property is reoccupied, or the property is transferred to an unaffiliated third party.




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