Springfield, MO, approves occupied, vacant property registration program for single family rentals

Springfield, MO: The City has approved an occupied and vacant property registration program for single-family rental homes, in an effort to combat blight.


When the, “Director of the Department of Building Development Services discovers a property owner with a property in violation of this article within Springfield’s city limits, the Director or department personnel will deliver a “Rental Registration Failure Notice.”


Registration must occur within one year of the amendments being added, and from that point within 15 days of notice for needed registration; approval of the amendments occurred Nov. 27, 2017.


Failure to register or request an official hearing request for the property within 15 days of notice will result in a $200.00 fee added to the annual real estate tax bill for the property.


Registration fees are $12.00 per single family residence, but those fees can be waived based on possible licensing fees already paid for the property.


Violation of any sections of the registration requirements or upkeep of the rental property to code can result in minimum fines of $300.00 per violation and possible violation of the registration allowed for the property. Any revoked registration cannot be reapplied for, for a given property for 60 days; and no occupancy of the property may occur during any time in which registration is suspended or revoked.


The City Council did not add any new amendments for all vacant and abandoned properties, but continues to discuss the issues to help with the new amendments to combat blight.




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