Amendment increasing fees, registration rules now in effect for Township of Clark, NJ

Clark, NJ: City Council’s amendment to the vacant property registration process took effect June 28.

The owner of a property has 30 days from becoming vacant/abandoned (see Township of Clark Ordinance No. 17-04, section 255-15, for list of definitions) to file a registration statement with the Municipal Clerk of the Township of Clark; notification by the City of the vacancy status does not set the date at which the 30 days begins.

Registration includes current contact information for the representative for the property and paying the registration fee (which is prorated), with subsequent registrations due by Jan. 1 of each year; any changes to any information regarding details of the property or representative are due within 30 days.

Initial registration is $500.00, with the first following year registration at $1,500.00, the second year registration at $3,000.00, and the every year after that $5,000.00 per year.

Seasonal properties secured properly, properties under active and consistent renovation/rehabilitation, and properties subject of a probate action, action to quiet title, or other township dispute, may be eligible for exclusion from the vacant property definitions if the City is properly notified.




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