Plantation, FL, joins neighboring cities in establishing vacant property registration program

Plantation, FL: After an evaluation of unkempt properties contributing to blight, City Council has moved forward with a vacant property registration ordinance.


Due to the time in which a property can spend in the foreclosure cycle, and the subsequent adverse secondary effects what often occur, the City has determined a vacant property registration program to be the appropriate means of combatting property neglect.


Once a property has been determined vacant, via inspections, the mortgagee/lender has 10 days to register the property with the City’s code enforcement unit, and to secure the property.


An annual registration fee of $250 is due at the time of registration, with subsequent annual fees due before Oct. 1 of the given fiscal year. Any changes to any information listed in the currently-on-file registration must be filed within 30 days.


The new program takes effect Oct. 1, 2016.




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