Edison, NJ, passes vacant property registration ordinance

Edison, NJ: The Township has approved an abandoned or vacant property registration ordinance, to track and encourage owner maintenance of properties, to avoid blight effects.

The ordinance will require owners to register currently abandoned and vacant property within 60 days, and for properties that go vacant in the future to register within 30 days of the vacancy and note the date it become vacant; with a 30-day allotment of time to submit amended registrations for any changes to the previously submitted information.

The initial registration will be $1,000 with the cost increasing the second year to $2,000 and the cost as $3,000 for the third and again for each subsequent year. Failure to adhere to the ordinance requirements will be subject to fine of $500 to $2,500 per day, with each subsequent day constituting a new violation; with fines assessed against the property as a lien against the property.

Abandoned and vacant property can include but are not limited to properties which present health and safety risks; involve criminal activity or vandalism; are not kept free from overgrowth or debris accumulation; show signs of damage or neglect that could that could allow unauthorized access; have accumulated violations of property ordinances in the Township; and would otherwise be determined by owners or those in the community to be empty due to lack of furnishings  / personal property or residency.




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