Baltimore, MD, registration ordinance for single, two-family rental properties now in effect

Baltimore, MD: The ordinance adding mandatory property registration for single and two-family rental properties in the City has gone into effect, as of the beginning of August.

Registration requires a description of the premises, along with current contact information for the owners, and then if the owners are non-individual entities (e.g. corporation, limited liability company) with the contact information for the property manager.

Annual registration fees are due at time of registration, based on the following:
1. Rooming houses - $25 per rooming unit.
2. Non-owner-occupied dwelling units: for properties with 1 and 2 dwelling units - $30 per dwelling unit; for multi-family dwellings - $35 per dwelling unit, plus $25 per rooming unit.
3. Vacant structures: residential structures - $100 per structure; non-residential structures - $250 per structure.

Any violation of any section of the ordinances are subject to penalties including misdemeanor offense and, on conviction, a maximum fine of $500 for each offense; with each day a violation continues constituting a separate offense.

All licenses for the property must also be filed for or renewed, as needed, and an inspection must be performed for each property, to assess if the property is up to City Code, before licenses will be issued or renewed.

All properties must be licensed, inspected, and registered before Jan. 1, 2019, with previous year’s registrations expiring each year on Dec. 31.




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