La Junta, CO, seeks to establish new rental, vacant registration ordinance requirements

La Junta, CO: City Council proposed the Rental Property Maintenance Code to assist living conditions and tracking (licensing) for home rental residents of the city and establish vacant property registration requirements.

According to the ordinance it “shall apply to all existing residential rental buildings, and structures … as well as the site, including parking lots, driveways, and landscaping … [properties] shall be maintained in conformance with the building codes under which they were installed … where there are conflicts between the building code and this Rental Code, the provisions of this rental code shall apply.”

Should the proposal gain final approval, all rentals going forward would be required to conform to the requirements laid out in the Rental Code before or in order to continue leasing.

Existing residential rental units approved under previous building codes would be considered compliant with the new code unless those previous residential rental units fall into violation of said previous codes, in which case those properties would be required to provide compliance with the adopted changes to the code.




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