Oscoda, MI, sets fee schedule for its vacant property registration ordinance

Oscoda, MI: The Township’s vacant property registration ordinance has been updated to include a fee schedule.


The updates are currently in effect, setting the first year registration fee at $75. The fee doubles each year, to a maximum $1000: $150 year 2; $300 year 3; $600 year 4; $1000 year 5.


The fee schedule accompanies the vacant building registration approved in 2019, wherein commercial properties deemed to be vacant, based on general indicators for lack of occupancy, are required to register and submit a building plan.


Registration is required within 90 days of vacancy occurring, or within 30 days of notification by the Township of the property being deemed vacant.


Registration must include current contact information for owners, as well as a representative within 50 miles of the Township if the owners do not reside within that area, and be accompanied by a building plan for keeping the property secure, free from code violations, and/or returned to occupancy.




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