Vacant property registration ordinance enacted in Coos Bay, OR, goes into effect April 2019

Coos Bay, OR: City Council has enacted a vacant property registration ordinance, to take effect in April 2019.

When a property enters default by the borrower or has been the subject of a foreclosure sale where title has transferred from one owner to another owner or a property is transferred under a deed in lieu of foreclosure, the owner must set up and perform an occupancy inspection.

If occupied, the owner must continue have monthly occupancy inspections until the borrower remedies the default or the property is now vacant. A property found vacant from an inspection must be registered with the City and Chief of Police within 10 days.

There is no initial registration fee, registration is good for 1 year, properties will remain under the ordinance requirements until such time as they are no longer vacant, and properties must be maintained to City Code.

Registration must include current contact information for the owner and any authorized representatives, and must have a let on file with the City that authorizes access to the home should maintenance not be maintained so that the City can perform such necessary non-maintenance actions. Any changes to any information must be submitted within 10 days.

Failure to maintain the property, register, or maintain updated information can results in daily accruement of fines and penalties, as well as the Chief of Police potentially imposing, among other options: installation of additional security lighting, increasing owner’s inspection frequency, and requiring employment of an on-site security guard; along with any other reasonable measures to prevent property decline.




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