Commercial vacant property registration ordinance approved, effective immediately for Ayden, NC

Ayden, NC: The Board of Commissioners approved a vacant property registration ordinance for commercial properties; to be effective upon approval of the ordinance, by the Board.

The ordinance requires owners of commercial properties exhibiting “evidence of vacancy” to register the property either within 30 days of receiving a notice from the Town to register, or of their own accord following a property becoming vacant; as well as to maintain the property in accordance with Town Code.

Registration is to include the owner/s and/or corporation/s names, current contact information, and payment of $1,000 fee. Registration and the fee are due annually, until such time as the property is no longer vacant, or until the property is sold; and if sold, the new owner would need to take over registration and maintenance requirements, while the previous owner must provide the Town with proof of sale.

Signs of vacancy to trigger a possible evidence of vacancy notice include, but are not limited to: overgrown and/or dead vegetation; damaged or poorly maintained exterior sides of the building; past due / disconnected utility notice postings; absence of furnishings inside the building; statements from persons that the building seems vacant; and lack of maintenance per Town Code.

A property may be exempted from the registration and fee requirements, if actively listed for maximum of a calendar year with a licensed North Carolina realtor (potential to extend an additional year if “good faith” marketing efforts can be presented), or if active renovations are underway at the property to prepare the property for lease, sale, or occupancy.




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