Altoona, PA, amended its vacant property registration ordinance

Altoona, PA: City Council amended its vacant property registration ordinance, to redefine their vacant building definitions.


The amendment replaces previous definitions, and replaces those with 3 categories of vacant property:
1. Neglected buildings
2. Derelict buildings
3. Unsafe buildings


All such vacant buildings will require registration and inspection, and failure to register within 30 days of being required to register can result in fines and criminal proceedings being filed against the owner of the property.


The fee schedule for vacant property registration:
Less than 1 year vacant: $0.00
1 year vacant: $500.00
2 years vacant: $1000.00
3-4 years vacant: $2000.00
5-9 years vacant: $3500.00
10 years vacant: $5000.00
10 + years vacant: $5000.00 plus additional $500.00 for every year property has been vacant over 10 years




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