As the year winds down, Alliance winds up to handle vacant property problems


Alliance, OH: As 2015 rolls in, vacant property owners will be required to have registered their properties with the city or face varying penalties. Any and all structures with a vacancy have been or will be notified and required to participate in the program.


All foreclosed properties must submit a $10,000 bond, as well as pay a $100 registration fee for a residential property, and a $250 fee for a commercial property, at the time of submission of the caretaker and owner of a given property. Payments and bonds are due by Dec. 31.


The bond is to remain in a reserve fund, to be used if a property falls into disrepair and the property owner does not take action to come into compliance; so as not to deplete city funds for repair and upkeep of properties where the owners are not actively working with the city to promote community prosperity and safety.


Non-compliance with the ordinance can result in court charges as well as a penalty of up to $1,000.


Properties not already notified by the city will have 30 days from the time of notification to comply with the registration and bond requirements.


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