Vacant property registration approved, based on nearby city’s recent ordinance


Augusta, ME: The City Council unanimously approved the instigation of a vacant property ordinance.


The ordinance came as a result of mounting complaints and concerns from citizens about health and safety hazards due to long-term vacancy, and the periods of time where homes are in flux between previous residents to new buyers or banks and to whom upkeep should fall.


Some residents had taken to caring for neighboring vacant property themselves, to avoid problems with neglect seeping onto their property.


A property must be declared both vacant for more than 60 days, and abandoned, in order to qualify for registration. The definition of “abandoned” building specifically notes foreclosed buildings as qualifying for the abandoned qualification.


The rules for vacant properties had undergone changes for years before this, in order to accommodate the rise of problems associated with lack of knowledge as to some property owners and who is in charge of caring for a property.


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