Hudson, NY, amends City code, putting vacant property registration ordinance into effect

Hudson, NY: The Mayor signed into law an amendment to the City code, putting into immediate effect a vacant property registration ordinance, after previous version had been vetoed during the summer.

Owners of vacant property have 30 days from the day a property becomes vacant, or 30 days from when notification is sent by the City, to register and pay fees.

The registration requirements include the current contact information of owner/s and any representatives in charge of the property (names, addresses, and phone numbers); a copy of the driver’s license of either the owner/s or the representative/s for the property, along with those person/s social security number; names and address for all lien holders for the property, or all other person/s with any ownership in the property; and a full description of the property along with a detailed plan for handling the vacancy issue, to be reviewed by the City.

The first year fee is $1,000 and then increases by $1,000 each year, until the fifth and subsequent year where the registration fee caps at $5,000; with all properties remaining on the vacant registry until they are either occupied on an ongoing basis, or demolished.

Failure to adhere to the ordinance timelines, or to maintain a property to City code, can be subject to fines of $1,000 per day of violation or imprisonment of the individual/s on file for up to a year; with each day of a given offense constituting a new violation added to the other violations for the property.




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