Akron, OH, launches vacant property registration ordinance

Akron, OH: The City has passed a vacant property registration ordinance, modeled after similar ordinances in the state.


The final language of the ordinance legislation allots property owners 180 days to register their property with the City, and registration is due again annually for prolonged vacancy.

The fee to file is $300 for a building with fewer than 10,000 square feet, and $500 for buildings with greater than 10,000 square feet. A plan for maintaining the property to City code and either renovating, securing, or demolishing the property is also due at the time of registration, along with all current contact information for the owner and a local representative responsible for the property.

Failure to register or maintain properties according to all steps required and code can result in daily fines, with funds collected from fines used to assist in maintaining the registration program and to demolish buildings found to be beyond the realm of repair.

Reports from the community, as well as findings from City inspectors will be used to identify vacant properties not readily reported to the City by owners.

The City will continue to release information regarding the program, to assist with compliance and reporting of possible trouble properties, as the summer continues.




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