Vacant property registration ordinance approved, in effect for Perry, OH

Perry, OH: A vacant property registration ordinance has been approved for the Township, with further updating and details for the ordinance to be determined later in the year.

The ordinance lays out two deadlines for owners of any vacant property:
Property vacant for 90 days or more must be registered with the Township, by the owner, unless the owner has been sent notice the Township has determined the property to be vacant, in which case the owner has 30 days to register.

The new ordinance grants 1 year of no registration fees involved for vacant property owners, beginning from the time of approval of the new ordinance, during which that year of time the owners are encouraged to resolve their vacancy issues.

The fees for what will be owed by owners of property still found to be vacant at the 1-year mark of Sept. 13, 2019, are being discussed, with formal adoption of the fee schedule to follow those discussions at some point before the 1-year mark for fee payments occurs.

The vacant property registration ordinance has been modeled after the ordinance in Willowick, NH.




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