Foreclosed and vacant property registration ordinance approved, in effect for Bolingbrook, IL

Bolingbrook, IL: The Village’s Board of Trustees approved a foreclosed and vacant property registration ordinance, to amend the previous property maintenance ordinance in place, and it is now in effect.


The amended ordinance now requires all banks and lending institutions to register their foreclosed residential homes with the Village / the Village’s designated vendor. The registration includes current contact information, and update on occupancy status for the property.


The registration is $310 and due semi-annually. A property that is or becomes foreclosed must be inspected at least every 30 days, to maintain accurate occupancy status as well as to determine current property condition.


Vacant properties must be maintained to Village Code, and the Village must be notified if a property is sold. Failure to comply with registration requirements or maintain a property to Code can result in penalties as outlined in the Code.




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