Vacant properties in New Orleans to be auctioned off online to fight blight


New Orleans, LA: Efforts to reclaim the estimated 30,000 blighted vacant properties in the city has moved city leadership to auction off thousands of properties online this summer.


Close to 2,000 properties went up for perusal March 6, with 1,000 more to be potentially added.


Individuals choosing to bid can put forth $650 to initiate the pre-auction process; the actual auction process will begin in July.


The city will attempt to find and contact owners of properties that are to be auctioned off to grant the owners a final opportunity to pay, though not all property owners might be contacted due to some abandoned properties not having clear and current information for contact with the city. That process will begin 90 days before the property is to be put up for general auction.


Additionally, those properties will include a clear title, rather than the five-year wait for improvements.


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