La Junta, CO, adopts, puts into effect new vacant property registration ordinance

La Junta, CO: City Council’s unanimously-supported resolution creating a vacant property registration ordinance has been adopted, as of Oct. 2.


The program requires owners of a vacant property to register with the Engineering Department within 90 days of the property becoming vacant, or within 30 days of receiving notification of need to register.


If the owner does not reside within 10 miles of La Junta or in Otero County, the owner must appoint a third party within those areas that is given full responsibility for all information and action involving the property.


A plan must also be submitted, for the plans for the property, be that for demolition or rehabilitation of the property to make it habitable and occupied. Buildings actively marketed and in compliance with City code may be exempted for up to 12 months from the beginning of the vacancy determination; provided the approved paperwork is submitted in a timely manner and approved.


There is an annual fee of $250.00 for the first year, $500.00 for year two, $750.00 for year three, and $1,000.00 for each subsequent year of vacancy. All late fees for payments involved for the property will be equal to the current annual fee or $1,000.00, whichever is the lesser amount.


Properties in the registry will be inspected at a minimum of twice yearly by a representative of the Engineering Department, to assess whether the property is being maintained to code; with the first inspection yearly occurring within 30 days of each registration or renewal.




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