Portland ponders seizing zombie homes to diminish blight

Portland, OR: With demand increasing for livable properties, and zombie houses degrading neighborhood values, Mayor Charlie Hales has suggested a return to the city seizing such abandoned properties.

If the measures are approved, properties with outstanding liens against them would be foreclosed upon.

The problem arose, in part, from property owners being notified of pending foreclosure, then paying fines, but not necessarily bringing the property back from its blighted status or maintaining the property to a degree that would prevent a return to being a detriment to the community.

There are 20 properties that fall under the description of distressed property, based on information from the Portland Bureau of Development Services (BDS), with a total market value of $4.4 million, and outstanding city liens of more than $1 million, according to an article in the Portland Mercury.

Further options under discussion for dealing with zombie homes include taking the properties from the owners and turning those over to nonprofit housing organizations, to possibly diminish squatters inhabiting future properties declining into zombie territory.




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