San Angelo, TX, moves to establish rules, structure for vacant property registration certificates

San Angelo, TX: City Council approved the first reading for an amendment to City Code for vacant property registration certificates, at its June 19 session, with a 7-0 supporting vote.

Certification would be required for any vacant residential or commercial property, with “vacant” understood to mean the property is “intended[ed] for occupation, which has not been lawfully occupied for at least 90 days, or has no evidence of water and electric service within the past 90 days; or partially constructed or incomplete and does not have a valid building permit.”

Certification filing is set for within 30 days of vacancy or transfer of ownership of the vacant property, with renewal due at least 30 days prior to expiration, along with all fees; certificates issued cannot be transferred.

Certificates are valid for the calendar year, and expire on Dec. 31 of the year issued; or within 30 days of the date controlling ownership of the vacant building changes; or the date a vacant building is removed or demolished, as verified by a City official; or depending on occupancy being reestablished and within City Code.

Fees for initial certification for a property are as follows: Up to 2,500 SqFt $150; 2,501 to 5,000 SqFt $200; greater than 5,000 SqFt $200 plus $50 per 500 SqFt beyond the 5,000 to a maximum fee of $750. For each certification after the initial, the fee is half that of the initial fee for the property’s square footage.

During the time of vacant property certification, the property will be subject to inspections, and required to be secured and adhere to City Codes, or face penalties.

The 2nd reading is set for the July 3 Council meeting, and unless objections are raised at that time, the amendment would go into action as law July 17.




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