Peoria Heights, IL, adds occupied, vacant property registration ordinance for residential rental units

Peoria Heights, IL: The Board of Trustees has approved an amendment to Village Code, adding an occupied and vacant property registration ordinance for residential rental homes.

ORDINANCE NO. 2018 – 1561, Chapter 8A, states owners of any occupied or vacant property must file an annual registration statement with the Housing Inspector; each year’s period ends Dec. 31. If ownership or control of a rental property is transferred, the new owner must register within 30 days; any fees paid by the prior owner will transfer / remain in place for the duration of the year the property sale occurred.

An owner of an owner-occupied single-family residential unit, or a vacant single-family residential unit not intended to be rented, is exempt from the registration of that residential unit; though a sworn statement may need to be filed with the Housing Inspector to establish the given exemption. Bed and breakfast, rooming houses, nursing homes, and hotels/motels, are also exempt.

The fee for registration is $100.00 per residential rental unit; with the registration fee for multi-unit apartment buildings with more than four residential units in a single building set to $25.00 per residential unit. There is an additional $75 inspection fee due when registering, and inspection for a property is to be scheduled at the City’s discretion; with a maximum of 3 years between any given inspections.

If the owner of the rental property is a partnership, corporation, limited liability company, land trust or other legal entity, the registration information provided must contain current name, street address, mailing address, and telephone numbers for each person or entity having more than a 5 percent interest, as well as current information for the manager or other person responsible for maintenance of the property.

A penalty of 10 percent of the amount due will be levied for any registration not completed and fees paid by the given due date, with 2 percent interest per month added for extended delinquency, and each day a violation will constitute a separate offense for which a separate penalty may be assessed.




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