Utica, IL, increases vacant property registration ordinance monthly fees

Utica, IL: The vacant property registration ordinance has been amended, increasing the monthly fees due, effective February 2019.

The ordinance now requires an owner of a vacant property to pay a registration fee of $100, and then a monthly $100 fee by the 7th of each month for which the property remains vacant; the registration cost was $50, with a $25 monthly fee. A late fee of 50 percent of the registration fee will be added to any monthly fee not paid by the due date.

The registration form asks for owners to provide and maintain current contact information for themselves and for a representative should the owner not reside in Town; maintain the property to City Code, as well as keep it secure; and provide a plan for needed repairs/restoration, with the likely duration of the property remaining vacant.

Failure to adhere to any ordinance and code requirements can be considered guilty of a misdemeanor, and fined $750 for each offense, with each day of an unresolved offense constituting an additional offense and fine.




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