Middle Township, NJ, instigates vacant, foreclosed property registration ordinance

Middle Township, NJ: The ordinance requiring registration for owners of vacant property, and homes in the foreclosure process, has passed; with caveats for vacation homes in place.

The ordinance will require the posting of an 8”x10” sign at the front of the property with current contact information for the person responsible for the property.

A fee of $500.00 is due with the owner’s registration and that fee and registration process occurs bi-annually until the property is transferred or sold, or is no longer in the foreclosure process.

Owners of occupied properties in the foreclosure process will also be required to register and pay the registration fees until such point as the property has transferred or sold, or is no longer in the foreclosure process.

Vacation homes will be exempt from the registration process, provided documentation can be presented to demonstrate the off-an-on inhabitance of the property and that the property is being maintained within city codes.




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